General Practitioners Australia

Revalidation is the process of ensuring that doctors are fit to practice medicine. AHPRA is engaged in the process of forcing revalidation upon the Australian medical community.

If you have followed the process on the AHPRA website (which you may not have done because it was hard to find), you will note the issue has not been whether revalidation will occur but in what form. The process to date is summarised at GPA Current Issues. The process has been an open and transparent one but GPs may have difficulty in recalling the notification document sent out by AHPRA. However, there has been little reaction of any kind from the medical community. AHPRA has called for submissions to comment on the proposed revalidation scheme.

(l-r) UCRH Director Prof Ross Bailie, the Assistant Minister for Rural Health, Dr David Gillespie, and Page MP Kevin Hogan inspecting the high-tech simulation facility at the Lismore campus.

The day after Federal Parliament passed the backpacker tax package and rose for the summer vacation, the Member for Page, Kevin Hogan, flew back to the electorate to resume business on the ground.

His first port of call was the Lismore campus of the University Centre for Rural Health (UCRH), where, in the company of the Assistant Minister for Rural Health, Dr David Gillespie, he met trainee doctors and other health discipline students engaged in local clinical placements.

Federal Member for Page Kevin Hogan said the Coalition Government will provide more than $13 million in infrastructure grants for existing general practices in regional, rural and remote Australia to teach, train an retrain our next generation of health workers.
“General practice in regional community’s like ours faces unique challenges in healthcare including the ability to attract and retain a health workforce,” he said.

Mr Hogan said the Government has streamlined the former Rural and Regional Teaching Infrastructure Grants programme to better respond to the needs of regional communities.

“The new Rural General Practice Grants program will allow existing health facilities to provide teaching and training opportunities for a range of health professionals within the practice and for practitioners to develop experience in training and supervising healthcare workers,” he said.

I'm on the drug, I'm on the drug. I'm on the drug that killed River Phoenix. 
I'm on the drug, I'm on the drug. I'm on the drug that killed River Phoenix.

I saw his body thrashing round. I saw his pulse rate going down.
I saw him in convulsive throws. I said "I'll have one of those."

Now I'm bored and there's no stopping; I need another celeb to fill a coffin;
Where'll I get my next drug action? Odds on it'll be Michael Jackson. 

The eighties Australian band, This is Serious Mum, was better known for its biting satire than for its music. In retrospect, we can also acknowledge the lyrics were terrifyingly prescient.

'Tis the season for Christmas parties, commented my taxi driver recently, then wondered; “end of year, end of school, perhaps even end of days…”

Taxi drivers don't have an end of year celebration, he mused. They may work in the same industry, largely know each other but often they don't get on: “It's a business, you know.”