Lismore City Council has decided to include cycling safety as part of the CBD traffic study, which will be undertaken in 2015. One possible initiative could be introducing dedicated cycling lanes in or around the CBD.

The decision follows a motion at this week’s council meeting by Greens’ councillor Vanessa Ekins who cited safety grounds as the reason for considering marked bike lanes and driver education.

In recent months a number of cycling accidents have occurred in the Northern Rivers, some of them serious, although mostly on out-of-town roads. The risks of cycling are highlighted in the current issue of GP Speak.

Cr Ekins said motorists often disregarded the rights and safety of cyclists, but may be less inclined to do so if cycleways were properly marked.

She told Council, “I highly recommend that an investigation into safe cycling in the CBD be carried out. However I believe it appropriate to leave all options open and not pre-empt the outcome of the investigations.”