The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is seeking feedback on GP’s engagement with Primary Health Networks (PHNs).

A recent survey conducted by the College found that only 10% of members reported a significant presence or involvement with their PHN.

PHNs are the government's primary tool for developing and improving primary care in Australia. As general practitioners play a pivotal role in primary health care coordination, the College is seeking to better understand the GP’s place in the current PHN structure.

Engagement with general practitioners is a long-standing problem for primary health organisations with the demands of clinical practice leaving  little time for GPs to consider health system related issues. The North Coast Primary Health Network has worked hard to engage GPs both in their practices and through early and continuing development of the three Clinical Councils that cover the PHN’s large footprint from the Tweed to Port Macquarie.

The College wishes to hear from GPs on PHN’s Clinical Councils and also from other GPs on their experiences with their Primary Health Network.

Feedback can be sent to the College at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..