Dr Louise Imlay-Gillespie is a haematologist in the Northern NSW Local Health District and is based at the Lismore Base Hospital. She is the founder of the Northern Rivers Doctors Facebook Group. 

In December 2017 the Northern Rivers Doctors Facebook Group (NoRDocs) was officially launched. This group was conceived by a mixed group including GPs and hospital specialists alike. Since initiation it has grown quickly and already boasts more than 90 members. Membership is confined to doctors, past and present, working or living on the North Coast. 

The group is intended to provide a space for Medical Practitioners from the Northern Rivers to communicate, collaborate and advocate on medical issues affecting our  community. It is hoped that this will encompass the whole of the Northern Rivers region from Grafton to Tweed Heads. This is an independent group that is not affiliated with any organisation or government department.

Any member can contribute any post that is relevant to our medical community including educational articles, reports of services offered and upcoming events or meetings. It is hoped that there will be ‘champions’ for each region and specialty that will ensure content remains timely and useful to members of the group.

Ultimately it is hoped that this platform will provide a springboard for our own events that will be run by Northern Rivers Doctors, for Northern Rivers Doctors. Indeed plans are already under way for a one day meeting later in the year that provide some key-note sessions as well as facilitating discussion through ‘open’ sessions where anyone can present on any medical topic of interest to our area.

This is a unique opportunity to break down barriers in medicine and work together to achieve optimal outcomes for health in our region. If anyone is interested in joining the group, they can contact me via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or find me on Facebook (Louise Gormally).