The term ‘clinical skills’ refers to those clinical examination and procedural skills commonly used in the diagnostic and/or therapeutic management of patients in clinical environments, and is an integral and important part of everyday medical practice.

They can be taught in clinical settings with real patients or in simulated settings. Around 20 senior UOW medical students are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn essential clinical skills from our local clinicians each week.

Ophthalmologists, allied health professionals, surgeons and GPs are just some of the committed educators who contribute to enhancing the students’ abilities. Each week our program allocates clinical skills teaching time, which can be anything from using a slit lamp, navigating software programs, immunisation techniques to managing snake bites. 

Dr Anne Malatt - Eye Surgeon demonstrating the use of a slit lamp

Teaching practical clinical skills requires using precise instructions to enable the learner to follow the process and to repeat and practice the skill. Most often this involves using both visual cues and text or audio prompts. It also requires the educator to provide appropriate and timely feedback to the student on their learning. It requires special skills in a medical educator and we are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals in our region to assist students in the UOW medical program.


Dr Charlotte Hall FACEM – demonstrating Intraosseous infusion

Each year Phase 3 or senior third year UOW MD medical students are provided with an opportunity for a 12 month longitudinal clinical placement in a regional or rural community. Places are offered in 11 locations across NSW, including three located in Grafton, Lismore and Murwillumbah, and these workclosely with the North Coast University Centre for Rural Health . These north coast hub places are highly sought after by UOW medical students, due in part to the exceptional teaching programs and clinician support they receive. We rely on our educators, hospital clinicians and staff, as well as staff in GP clinics to support our program which enables students to achieve the best possible outcomes. We would like to extend a very big thank you to all educators and preceptors who contribute to the development of clinical skills in our UOW students.


Plastering skills - Back Slabs