Rebekah Hermann

The University of Wollongong this year welcomes Rebekah Hermann to the Rural Medical Program in the role of Clinical Placement Facilitator in the Lismore Hub.

Supporting the Regional Academic Leader Dr Jane Barker, this role  is based out of the University Centre for Rural Health (UCRH) where Rebekah has worked for the past two and half years undertaking a similar roles in the delivery of rural medical programs to students of Sydney, Western Sydney and Bond University and the University of Newcastle.  

As well as her experience in the health sector, Rebekah brings with her a diverse range of skills from her experience in the education sector where she has worked both as a school teacher in the Northern Rivers, and as a senior project officer for the Queensland Department of Education and Training. Through her project work, Rebekah worked at improving access to quality educational resources for students living in rural and remote areas of the state through digital curriculum content delivery. Rebekah is constantly seeking new ways to achieve connectedness via online platforms and social medial.

Local to the region, and having spent the better part of her life on the Far North Coast, Rebekah brings with her a comprehensive knowledge of the local district and the individual communities which make up the Northern Rivers. Subsequently Rebekah has many connections within the community, both professionally and socially, and draws on these wherever possible in the delivery of rural medical programs.

Rebekah is passionate about improving the health outcomes for individuals within the community, particularly in terms of access to quality healthcare. Hence Rebekah is a passionate advocate for the training of rural health professionals.

The University of Wollongong is currently seeking interested General Practitioners to take on the role of preceptor to our Phase 3 Medical students. For more information on this rewarding role, please contact Rebekah for an information pack This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 66240350