Recently I had a patient needing a blepharoplasty and tarsorrhaphy, however finding an eye surgeon who could offer both proved more difficult than it should.

Which urologist does public work? Does a psychologist work with someone under 18 years of age? Do they do EMDR or work with eating disorders? Have they closed their books? Which general surgeon does that operation? was born from the frustrations and difficulties of the referral process like these. The program is a secure online Rolodex-ike database designed to provide general practitioners with the ability to search for specialist and allied health professionals.

Our hope is that we will give you the ability to get your patient to the right person every time. Additionally, it is an opportunity for those who receive referrals (specialists and allied health) to advertise their skills and abilities in a searchable way so that you get clear referrals that meet your skills and abilities.

It is a place for the specialist introduction letter to be stored awaiting a GP to find it.  Best of all you can update your information in the GPs’ database whenever you want.

Visit today to learn more. Registration is free, just claim your listing and help those who send you referrals to find you.