Our House fundraising coordinator Rebekka Battista and manager, Ruth Harrison.

The development of radiotherapy on the Lismore Base Hospital (LBH) campus was a huge step forward for cancer services in the Northern Rivers, but it created something of a dilemma – where could patients stay while they received their integrated care?

A radiation regime can extend over several days, even weeks, while individual treatment takes only a short time, leaving patients, who often feel weakened by their cancer, to take an onerous journey home, or fill in the long days locally.

Affordable accommodation in Lismore and surrounds was another problem, as was (and still is) the parking situation around LBH.

Dr Tim Grice, Specialist Pain Medicine Physician

MB CHB, FANZCA, FFPMANZCA, Dip Musculoskeletal Medicine, Dip Child Health

Dr Timothy (Tim) Grice has commenced working as a Pain Physician in Northern New South Wales

Anaesthetist Tim Scholz

Anaesthetist Tim Scholz hosted a well attended public seminar at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Lismore in mid-November, focusing on people living with chronic back or neck pain and looking for relief.

As St Vincent’s Acting CEO Tim Allsopp explained, around one-in-5 Northern Rivers residents report experiencing chronic pain, with more than half saying it significantly influences their lives.

“It’s great that St Vincent’s can offer the services of Dr Scholz who is an expert in pain management procedures,” Mr Allsopp said.

“He performs a ground breaking procedure that significantly reduces the level of pain people experience.”

Southside Pharmacy’s wound care nurse Karen Tregidgo

GPSpeak’s Robin Osborne visits Southside Pharmacy to see the product revolutionising the way venous leg ulcer patients can self-manage their compression therapy. 


It looks less like a medical device than a fertility carving in an Indian temple, a shape that, as Southside Pharmacy’s wound care nurse Karen Tregidgo says with a chuckle, seldom fails to attract comments from clients, however prim they might be.