I would like to introduce myself to those of you who do not know me. I am a Specialist Physician practicing in Internal Medicine and I have been working here on the Northern Rivers for the past 12 years. I have recently moved to Bangalow Consulting to expand private practice and to be closer to the demographic centre of our region while accessing this excellent consulting facility. I have previously worked extensively in Sydney, the Northern Territory and the South Pacific.

I have worked for many years in both hospital and ambulatory Internal Medicine care however I am in the process of moving to predominantly office-based work. I attempt to practice a holistic brand of General Internal Medicine, viewing the patient as a complex and unique individual and my management plans try to reflect that emphasis. My clinical interests include the full range of General Internal Medicine conditions however I have expertise in rational therapeutics, complicated multiple comorbidities, Infectious Diseases, Thyroid disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Indigenous health and poorly differentiated medical conditions.

I always try to consider the impact of the patient’s psycho-social milieu, nutritional status, fitness, posture, balance and oral hygiene in my assessments as I find that many people suffer from the long term consequences of social isolation, poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. My management plans try to integrate, in an evidence-based structure, all these processes.

Finally I listen to patients, treat them with respect and try to run close to time.

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