The team at Riverlands Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Withdrawal Unit are pleased to announce that it will be business as usual over the Christmas period this year.

Traditionally, the inpatient unit has closed over the Christmas period. This is often a vulnerable time for people who use substances and continuing to operate as normal is a huge step in the provision of Trauma Informed and person centred care.

Located on the corner of Uralba & Hunter Streets in Lismore, Riverlands is a multi- purpose treatment facility. The centre comprises a 14 bed inpatient withdrawal and stabilisation unit, pharmacotherapy clinic (methadone & buprenorphine), consultation liaison and outpatient services, and an educational and training facility.

This year has been a busy time for the unit. There has been an increased focus on multi-disciplinary pre-admission processes  which has improved outcomes for patients. A clear discharge and follow up plan must be formulated and agreed to prior to admission. This increases the chances of a prolonged recovery time. The GP is pivotal to this process. “The more we involve the patient’s GP in the pre-admission process, the better equipped we are to individualise care for each patient” states Matt Parry, Nursing Unit Manager of the Inpatient Unit.

Riverlands intake staff will be available for enquiries, referrals, bookings for withdrawal/stabilisation and consultation between 8.00 and 4.30 weekdays and can be contacted on 02 6620 7608.

For assistance with the intake process please contact myself on 02 8598 0476 or Matt Parry, Nursing Unit Manager 02 6620 7640. We would both be delighted to help facilitate an admission.  

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