Free professional development for health professionals  

North Coast Medicare Local (NCML) is pleased to announce that local health professionals now have free access to online professional development through the TAFE Digital website.

As a result of a partnership with the North Coast Allied Health Association, NCML offers short courses which take about an hour to complete and are worth one CPD (Continuing Professional Development) point per hour.  With NCML’s enrolment key, users will have free and unlimited access to:

1.        Allied Health course topics for allied health professionals
2.        Healnet course topics for nurses and other similar medical professionals and
3.        Generic short course topics for small businesses and self interest

All topics are peer reviewed by industry professionals and endorsed by nationally recognised industry associations.  Regular topic reviews are also conducted to ensure they incorporate current policies, legislation and Australia-wide guidelines.

Local health professionals can find out how to access the TAFE Digital website and start completing online CPD courses by visiting the Healthy North Coast website

The idea of linking with TAFE to offer free courses came out of a survey conducted by NCML. Participating health professionals said that they considered continuing professional development to be their highest priority.

Armed with this important feedback, NCML broadened its learning offerings to health professionals, providing them with access to TAFE Digital.

These free TAFE courses complement other educational opportunities provided by NCML such as face-to-face learning and development events and workshops.

Online learning ensures equitable access for all health professionals, including those working in isolated areas to continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills.