On Saturday 21 February 2015 Imogen's Farm Wines is sponsoring a fund raiser for the local chapter of GROW with all profits from the event assisting the orgnanisation move into their new home, Gunnawannabe, in South Lismore.

The day promises to be a sumptuous affair with an Italian feast by Roberto Contstana and dolce by Faith Newham with plenty of support from other local food and wine producers.

It may also be a riotous affair with Mandy Nolan as compere backed up by our very own Dr Harry Freeman on piano.

The afternoon is hosted by NRGPN Board member, Dr Nathan Kesteven, on his property at Whian Whian.

Tickets are available for $102.50 until 15 February but are limited to one hundred in total so don't delay.


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Mental disorders account for the third largest source of disease burden in Australia, those with severe mental illness living from 10-32 years less than the general population. This gap has grown in recent decades. It is estimated that two-thirds of these early deaths can be attributed to inadequate access to medical care, poor diets, insufficient exercise, medications that induce weight gain and subsequent lifestyle-related diseases.

So what role can exercise play in managing mental disorders, and closing this life expectancy gap?


The Australian Musculo-Skeletal Network (AMSN) was developed to provide quality inter-professional development and networking opportunities for practitioners, researchers and academics engaged in Musculo-Skeletal care.
The idea of AMSN grew out of our own frustrations at the lack of true multidisciplinary events that could be found as well as the cost and inconvenience of the CPD we had to do.  Whether it was mandatory for registration or for true interest in a professional development topic, the reality was that we lost income by having to close the Practice  and plan days of away from family.  Then we spent big money on travel, accommodation and registration fees.   Sometimes it was great to get out of town for break but mostly it was an imposition.  

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Sussan Ley, Minister for Health

Just back at work after a short holiday break since being appointed Health Minister, Sussan Ley (“Lee”) today announced the scrapping of plans to reduce by $20.00 the rebate for short (less than 10 mins) GP visits.

The decision followed widespread criticism from GPs and representative bodies such as the AMA, and predictably drew accusations of a “backflip” from the government’s political opponents.

The proposed change to the Medicare rebate system, which was due to take effect on Monday 19 January, was the Abbott government’s revision to the much criticised $7.00 co-payment, which met with intense opposition and was regarded as unlikely to be endorsed by the Senate.