Bernadette Loughnane, executive director NNSWLHD Tweed-Byron health service group, Sam Sangster chief executive Health Infrastructure NSW, Chris Crawford LHD chief executive, Chris Gulaptis, NSW parliamentary secretary for the north coast, NSW health minister Jillian Skinner, and Dr Brian Pezzutti, chair LHD board.

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner, accompanied by the Parliamentary Secretary for the North Coast, Chris Gulaptis, and representatives from NNSW LHD and Health Infrastructure NSW visited the Byron Central Hospital (BCH) construction site on 29 September to mark the ‘lock-up’ stage of the purpose-built $88M facility.


Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology have clearly been busy innovating and redefining the way in which clinicians and pathologists interact as they bring to market three exciting technology based products.

SonicEdu is the digital version of the Sonic Pathology Handbook — a practical, in-depth reference that has been developed to assist Australian doctors in their day-to-day clinical practice.

Dr Rosalind Foy

It seems many Australians are not seeing a doctor about their anxiety because they don't think the condition is serious enough, or don’t believe they can be helped. One public figure holding this view is former Labor leader-turned media bomb thrower Mark Latham. In his role as a panellist on Channel 9's The Verdict, he criticised doctors for 'over prescribing' drugs for depression because they are 'misdiagnosing' the condition, which is only anxiety, and that's 'just being a bit worried'. As Dr Rosalind Foy explains, anxiety is not only widespread and of significant concern but it can be managed effectively.

While anxiety is a common term, there is little agreement about how best to define it, although fair definitions include worry about uncertain outcomes, or psychic tension due to a fear of a real or imagined danger.

Despite getting well-known local comedian Mandy Nolan to MC the event, an upcoming forum on falls prevention will stress that experiencing a fall, and the lengthy rehabilitation that often follows, is no laughing matter.

One in three people older than 65 have a fall each year, according to Northern NSW Local Health District Falls Prevention Coordinator, Julia Dayhew, who said that up to one-fifth of these people experience multiple falls.

No other single cause of injury, including road trauma, costs the health system more than falls,” she added.

NNSWLHD Nurse Practitioner Psychogeriatrics, Anne Moehead

The care of dementia patients in hospitals has been found to benefit from staff knowing the five most important things a person needs in order to be reassured and comfortable during their stay.

Short-handed as the ‘Top 5’, the tool is now being implemented across the Northern NSW Local Health District, starting with Lismore Base Hospital.

The initiative, which coincides with national Dementia Awareness Month, is designed to help medical staff working with carers to tap into the latter group’s knowledge and expertise. The beneficiaries are patients, carers, and clinicians.

NNSWLHD Nurse Practitioner Psychogeriatrics, Anne Moehead, said LBH is implementing the Top 5 program across the Health Service to help personalise hospital care for patients with memory and thinking problems.